Terms of use

General provisions

The Videa video hosting service is a hosting service as defined in Section 2 lc) of Act CVIII of 2001 where the responsibilities of New Wave Media Group Media and Communication Service Provider Private Company Limited by Shares. (H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo utca 9., hereinafter “New Wave Media Group Ltd.” or “Operator”) only include storing video content uploaded by Internet users and communicating it to the public.

Users acknowledge that Videa is for uploading, sharing browsing and viewing digital video files. Users shall use the service as intended.

The intended use of includes, in particular, that Users shall refrain from misusing other Users’ user names or manipulating the views and ratings of uploaded videos. Users shall also refrain from uploading videos for the sole purpose of advertising or posting promotional comments. The operators of reserve the right to rescind access to the service for any User not using as intended.

Users acknowledge that non-personal information provided on (e.g. the address of their websites or blogs) is public and visible to any visitors to Videa.

Users consent to the videos they upload being displayed on pages of The definition of includes, in addition to the Videa website available on PCs, the website and application versions of the Videa service optimized for mobile devices as well as its version available for the IPTV platform.

Users represent that they will only make available videos that they created, produced and edited, and only if all the individuals concerned have consented to the communication of these videos to the public, such individuals’ right to privacy was not violated and these videos can be published in compliance with the applicable laws. Users agree that New Wave Media Group Ltd. will gain the right to utilize the videos they upload for reproduction and communication to the public.

Users acknowledge that New Wave Media Group Ltd. has all the rights over the concepts and logos of New Wave Media Group Ltd as well as any logos and concept phonetically or visually similar to those. Users may not use the above trademarks or any similar trademarks as their own or refer to them in a negative context.


The user hereby represents and warrants that, while using this website, they hold the rights to use or reuse of any copyright-protected works that they may make available on Users shall be exclusively responsible for the legality of exploiting copyright-protected works and to pay any fees due to authors or other copyright holders, based on their copyright title or other legal basis.

Anonymous visitor ID

An anonymous visitor ID (cookie) is a unique string capable of being used for identification and storing profile information, placed by providers on the computers of visitors. Please note that since the full IP address is not stored during its use, such a string in itself cannot identify a customer, i.e. a visitor, in any way and only enables the recognition of the visitor’s computer. It is not required to provide a name, e-mail address or any other personal information as the provider does not request such details from the visitor when using such solutions; in fact, data is only exchanged between computers.

In the networking world, personal information and customized services may only be provided if providers are able to uniquely identify the habits and needs of their customers. Similarly to other providers, New Wave Media Group Ltd. manages the aforementioned depersonalized, anonymous IDs to gain more insight into how its customers use information in order to improve the quality of its services and display customized pages and marketing (advertising) materials to its customers visiting the website. Anonymous IDs are not linked to a personal database; however, depersonalized, anonymous IDs created when visiting any of the websites in the portfolio of New Wave Media Group Ltd. or any contracted third parties will be linked to help improve the quality of service.

If you do not want such ID to be stored on your computer, you have the option to configure you browser so as to deny the storage of unique IDs on your computer (depending on the browser, this setting can usually be found in the Tools menu under Settings/Internet Settings). If users choose to do so, the majority of the services will still be available to you, but in certain cases (e.g. on our sites offering customized solutions) we will not be able to provide our full spectrum of services to you.


Users may only use at their own risk. New Wave Media Group Ltd. disclaims any responsibility for any and all damage caused by the content of uploaded videos.

New Wave Media Group Zrt. kizárja a felelősségét minden, a regisztrációs adatok elvesztése miatt bekövetkezett kárért. New Wave Media Group Zrt. kéri a Felhasználókat, hogy a biztonságos felhasználás érdekében regisztrációs adataikat ne adják ki másoknak.

The operator of, New Wave Media Group Ltd., may not be held responsible for the unauthorized use by third parties of videos uploaded to by Users.

Provisions on content permitted to be uploaded

Video content uploaded by Users and any information uploaded in relation to it:

  • may not infringe the copyrights of others;
  • may not create racial, ethnic, religious, gender or political conflicts and/or considerable or widespread resistance
  • may not encourage the use of harmful substances;
  • may not include instigation to commit crimes;
  • may not include information or trade secrets obtained by methods prohibited by the Act on the Prohibition of Illegal and Unfair Commercial Practices and the Restriction of Competition;
  • and may not violate any other laws.

New Wave Media Group Ltd. requests Users to report any infringing or abusive video content contrary to or in violation of the above provisions that they find on to the operator immediately by appropriately filling out and submitting the report form on the video page.

If Users upload pornographic videos, they must use the “Adult” category. If Users upload pornographic videos in another category, New Wave Media Group Ltd. will remove such videos based on user reports, may terminate the relevant Users’ access to and even delete their videos that otherwise comply with the terms of use.

The operator is entitled to change or delete edited details (title, tags, description) of uploaded videos without giving any reasons.

By uploading a video, Users agree to the following statement:

"I, the undersigned uploader of the video, hereby represent and warrant that I have the right to exploit the video I upload (I an the producer of the video or I have obtained the required authorizations from the producer of the video) and neither I nor the producer or any other holder of copyrights or neighboring rights demand any fees in relation to the video. I hereby authorize New Wave Media Group Ltd. to display the video I uploaded on Videa or the sub-site Videa Kid and grant New Wave Media Group Ltd. the required rights of reproduction, communication to the public, public performance, distribution and adaptation. Additionally, I represent and warrant that the representation of the likenesses and sound recordings of individuals appearing in the video or other third parties does not violate their right to privacy or other rights under the Civil Code and that I have obtained the required consent. Should any third party bring action against New Wave Media Group Ltd. citing violation due to a video I uploaded, I will fully indemnify, hold New Wave Media Group Ltd. harmless for and pay the costs of any related proceedings and claim enforcement as well as any related costs and demand for fees. I agree that New Wave Media Group may sell and display any advertising solutions on the page of and over the video I uploaded, before/during/after its playback. I acknowledge that I may not demand any fees from New Wave Media Group Ltd. in relation to these advertisements."

Protection of children

New Wave Media Group Ltd. advises Users that videos available on may depict violence or other acts harmful to the development of children. Therefore, New Wave Media Group Ltd. requests Users to prevent their children from watching videos with such content.

Removal of videos

The User acknowledges that the operator of, New Wave Media Group Ltd., is not required to be aware of the current content of, but if advised of content contrary to the terms of use or the applicable laws, the operator will remove it in accordance with Sections 10 and 13 of Act CVIII of 2001. Users may only report abusive content using the “Report” button on the video page and accurately filling out the report form. Complaints about videos cannot be submitted using the “Send feedback”! Depending on the severity and frequency of the case, the operator is entitled to terminate the access of Users uploading abusive videos to and even delete their videos that otherwise comply with the terms of use.

The operator is also entitled remove any uploaded videos from without giving any reasons.

Videa Kid Terms of Use

Videa’s Terms of Use fully apply to the service, operated as a subsystem of

Users may only upload video content suitable for children to (in the animation, cartoons, puppet show and nature categories). Uploaded video content will be available and can be viewed on

New Wave Media Group Ltd. is entitled to delete uploaded videos without giving any reasons.